Do you have any idea what feelings actually are? There are people who know it, there might be people who don’t know. Feeling are actually your true personality.

Feelings actually represent your true personality. Like for instance we know many people around us cry by Justin emotional scene in the movie, what does it represent? It represents that they are soft hearted people it’s a part of the personality, they are emotional.

And in this world you cannot actually categorise feelings because in human there are so many types of feeling that we can’t even express many of them. We have sometimes very weird feelings that we can’t even express them. Just think it yourself you might be having such feelings at some point in your life.

A feeling of joy, a feeling of happiness, a feeling of sadness, a feeling of embarrassment etc. The list goes on and on and on. Here we meet categorised feeling in some of the specified sections, but the reality is that they are really very vast.

Sometime we have combinations of feelings together that we can’t give it a new name. And in reality your personality e is Defined by how you feel about each and everything around you. Feelings are a part of your thoughts. How we think of each and everything, ultimately develop feelings in everybody. That’s why everybody have different feelings in a same situation.

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