Mother Tongue

Nowadays we are more on speaking in English rather than choosing our own mother tongue for communication, especially in India. This post is not discourage English language but encourage mother tongue

If you are an Indian then definitely your mother tongue is not English, and mind you here I am talking about those Indians who are living in India and I want to Indian parents, not of migrats. You might be speaking Hindi Tamil Punjabi Gujarati Asami Bengali etc. English has now become a language more of showing status rather than just being a medium of communication.

We use our mother tongue only while speaking to family members. All the other official work Arjan in English which is alright because India has very diverse population having different languages. But the problem is where we treat English as as a measurement tool for checking someone intelligence.

We prefer to speak in English in interviews as to give a better impression on the interviewer that you guess we know English and we are intelligent. A person who is living in a remote village can also be has equally qualified and intelligent as the person who knows English but, just because he don’t know how to speak English he is not getting that equal treatment while he goes for any job employment. And this is a reality.

We think in our mother tongue will our comfortable in speaking our mother tongue it’s just that we don’t use it because of the societal atmosphere around us. Through this post I just want to encourage people to be proud of their mother tongue and speak it with their heads up and not to treat english as a qualification of intelligence.

It is a fact that if you think in your own mother tongue then you are getting more effective and innovative ideas.