The use of an appropriate counter-measure or protection technique to physically confront an attacker is known as Self- Defense. It can be applied to protect your interests or against people who try to invade your personal space and to halt the attack. There are diverse Self Defense techniques around the world, depending upon the culture, availability of weapons, costumes, purpose, etc. A few of them have been mentioned below.


Karate was originated in the Ryukyu Kingdom under the Chinese and Japanese influence. This self defense form gained fame during WW II, when the Japanese military men stationed at sites used this martial art to defend themselves against enemies. This combat sport involves, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, punches, vital point strikes, etc. The popularity gained by this form was so tremendous that the English men started naming any Martial Art technique as Karate. There are six belt colours which can be achieved by a student, starting from White and ending with Black.


Jujutsu is a Japanese origin martial art that can be learnt for close combat with minor or no weapons to attack or subdue people that are unarmed. It was primarily developed to distract or get rid of the attacker by trying to shake his balance through strangulation or locking of joints. In the earlier times, trained Samurai’s used to find it difficult to use long swords during wars or attacks. Hence, they used to make use of short daggers, small swords or would fight unarmed. There are eight belts in totality for adults trained in Brazilian Jujutsu.


This martial art is practiced by the Israeli Defence Operations. It is a mixture of several other fighting forms such as boxing, karate, wrestling and judo. Training is rendered in such a form that, one might end up severely injuring or even killing the opponent. It avoids long close combat fights and rather focuses on quick and aggressive blows on weaker sections of the opponent’s body. Mental toughness, agility and development of muscle memory are a part of the training. Worldwide, there is a six belt system used in Krav Maga.


With a history of over 3000 years, this Indian self defence technique has two stages – Use of Weapons (taught first) and Barehanded Combat (taught later). It originated in Kerala, located in Southern tip of India. Training encompasses yogasanas, dance moves, kicks, strikes, ayurveda and healing techniques. Bodhi Dharma, a Buddhist monk who was trained in this self defense technique, travelled to China and spread this martial artform there, which evolved as Kung Fu. A greater focus is laid on mobility and flexibility. The Indian Kalaripayattu Federation is the body that governs this combat sport.


  • Inculcates discipline within oneself. Attending coaching regularly and practicing to get better each day helps in maintaining self discipline.
  • It accelerates reflexes. The ones who are trained in self defense techniques respond to a situation in a different manner than normal people. Those who have learnt self defense tend to take decisions quicker and act faster than others.
  • It certainly helps boost confidence. In case if a person is caught up in a dangerous scenario, he/she will be self reliant enough to protect oneself. With all the upcoming news and stories, women in society have turned fearful of venturing out of their homes, during wee hours. Learning self defense will help to discard their fear by boosting self confidence.
  • Training in self defense techniques also helps to improve overall fitness. One can take it as a hobby or for recreational purpose. Since, it is a well defined form of exercise, it will help release endorphins in the body, leading to happiness. Along with agility, mobility, it will also help to eliminate extra calories from the body.

Self- Defense does not promote violence. It is only a method to protect oneself efficiently in case of an attack. With the rising concerns of abductions, murders and other heinous crimes, learning self defense has become the need of the hour. Hence, self defense can be explained as a justified defensive response to a threatening situation.

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