True Friends

Friend word which when you herd make you smile. Friends are the only one whom we choose ourselves. They are the ones with whom we share our feelings.

They are the ones with whom we spend our time by our own willingness. True friends are the ones who are always ready to help you at any point of time in your life. True friends are not made for benefits they are made for sharing feelings.

They are the ones with whom we fight a lot but never let another person dare to fight with them. They are the ones who understand your feelings in your weak times. No matter whatever happens they are always with you even if the whole world is against you.

True friends are like treasure you can’t easily find them but if you found them then and there always by you. That’s why everybody in this world says that finding a good friend is really very difficult in this world.

Friendship is also a relationship of respect, trust and gratitude. You play with them, have fun with them, play pranks on them and always help them. But choose your friends wisely as in today’s time everybody is two faces and you have to find the true face of a person with whom you want to be friends with.

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