Education a right of everyone but a gift for poor

Education the solution for every problem in this world. If you are educated you know how to manage difficult time in a better way then others. Education is not only provided in school but it also present all around you.

The context of education is very wide, you can’t say that education is only provided in schools and colleges. By education you’re mean that you learn from your surrounding not only bookcase knowledge. A person who never went to school doesn’t mean that he don’t have knowledge of anything.

At present to the covid-19 situation there are millions of children who had lost the access to education, because they are not having digital devices to have their online Classic in even their schools are shut off.

Today we are having so many excuses for online classes like we’re having strain in eyes, neck, headache etc. I don’t mean mad they are not genuine but, these are not as hard as you are not getting education. You are fortunate in now to continue your education even without going to school but many in this world a not so fortunate.

There are many example synthesis world who had sacrifice a lot just to get educated. One of them is Malala Yousafzai who was ready to get shot from gun just to get educated.

So whenever you feel like you don’t want to study just think about them and you automatically will get an inspiration and a sense of gratitude that you are having so many resources that your education is not getting any hindrance.

We and government together should take step that gift access of education to everyone in your country or in the world. We can donate our old book, pencils and other stationaries to them and that will be a small step from our side but will make a big difference for them.