Grand Parents

Grandparents our first friend since we are born. They are actually the blessing of God. Only summer fortunate enough to spend their childhood and life with them.

It is always said that Grand children are the last friend of their grandparents, and they are our first friend. There is always a strong and friendly bonding between grandchild and grandparents. Having grandparents with you is the best thing in the life.

Only some fortunate grandchild are able to see or live with their grandparents nowadays. They teach the values which help us to grow all over our life. Detail story which are meaningful and helps us to get connected to our culture.

It is our duty to not let them feel lonely if you are there with them. In our busy schedules we often forget that the old citizens actually feeling very lonely and are not happy from inside. They never tell you about their loneliness but you should understand it by looking at their faces.

Did don’t want much from anyone they just need love and care. And if you can’t do that then you probably are are not worth calling a grandchild. Just sit with them for sometime in a day and have normal talk with them they will definitely feel happy about. Being in the company you will also feel relax from your stressful life.

And please don’t ever send them to the old age home they had taken care of you when you didn’t know anything about this world and now it’s your time don’t betray them. Take care of them as if your own child because we know that old age is like the comeback of childhood.