Day: October 8, 2021


Domesticated animals or birds kept with oneself for companionship are called as pets. These animals are not made to work forcibly and are not tamed for consumption purpose. According to the history of tamed species, dogs are the most likely to be kept as pet animals. A person must be […]

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The people of India have a special love for the language of English. With it being one of the official languages of India, people have obsessed over it now for years. It is considered supreme to any other local or regional language, the language of the elites, the language of […]

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The unusual North Korean parade

North Korea on Thursday, September 9 held a midnight military parade to mark their 73rd founding anniversary in the capital city of Pyongyang. This was the 3rd parade that was held in North Korea in under a year following a parade held last October to celebrate the 75th anniversary of […]

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