Domesticated animals or birds kept with oneself for companionship are called as pets. These animals are not made to work forcibly and are not tamed for consumption purpose. According to the history of tamed species, dogs are the most likely to be kept as pet animals. A person must be committed enough to nurture the animal lifelong. There is a plethora of pet animals which can be opted as companions but with appropriate research, one can opt a pet suitable to his/her lifestyle, without causing any harm to the pet. Research proves how beneficial pets are to humankind. Let us have a look at why a pet is said to be a boon to humans.


Nurturing a pet includes a lot of physical activity. Regular walks and playtime with a four legged will ensure that the owner steps out of his/her house. Pets increase the chances of a better exercise routine for the owner. Indulging in physical activity with the pet helps decrease cholestrol, cut down on extra calories and maintain a proper BMI. Walking lowers the risk of diseases related to the heart, hence increases life expectancy.

STATS – Dog owners on an average walk 22 minutes more per day compared to people without dogs.


Pets are ice-breakers to socializing. Psychologically, the human community feels more secured to be around people who own pets. They can serve as great conversation starters. While taking a furry friend for a walk, several pet lovers approach to spend time with the pet. This does improve interaction with people from the neighborhood and friends. Companion animals keep the atmosphere calm and hep build social relations.

STATS – Pet owners are 60% more likely to interact with others than those who do not own pets.


Pet help keep loneliness at bay. They act as great stress boosters due to their lively nature. They unsurprisingly increase dopamine (feel good hormone) levels in the body and alleviate cortisol (stress hormone). Furry friends help you deal with negativity and stress causing disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, etc. Recovering from adversities is slightly easier with pets alongside than otherwise. They help in lifting up spirits and causing happiness. Hospitals and psychological clinics appoint Therapy Pets to soothe patients during the course of their treatment.

STATS – Research says, 9/10 people experience psychological well-being in presence of their pet.


While children grow with pets at their home, they tend to learn about the ‘trust’ factor. Children often look out for their pets when in need of emotional support. Animals at home unintentionally teach children about compassion, responsibility and non-verbal communication. All this leads to higher self esteem and confidence among these children. Such children generally tend to grow up as responsible adults. Children with ADHD and Autism feel immensely supported by their pets.

STATS – According to a questionnaire presented to 1600 households, children from dog owning houses, had 30% less chances to engage in anti-social behaviours and 34% more likely to engage in considerate behaviours.

In conclusion, pets are certainly a boon to mankind. Household pets may include cats, dogs, parakeets, budgies, rabbits, hamster, and so on. Pets help people appreciate true friendships. It is true that, we can judge the heart of a person by his treatment of animals. Welcoming a furry friend at home is not the only act of consideration but taking proper care without abandoning it is also necessary.

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