Death as a lesson

Most would agree with me when I say, Steve Jobs was one of the most brilliant people, who went on to become an innovator and entrepreneur and a co-founder of Apple then worked for Pixar too.

Today, for the first time, I watched a motivating speech given by him.

What he said, and how he said is no doubt invaluable. But the points he made is what makes it so great, making it an inspiring array of words aimed for people from all walks of life.

Perhaps that is the reason, this video on YouTube had more than 1.3 crore views. And this was not even the original one, it had been edited to create a story. But the lessons he has learnt and the three stories he told made all the difference.

We all know the successful reviews of Apple company from their over priced gadgets which no doubt never fail to deliver what they promise. But the penance behind it’s creation is perhaps more interesting to know and yet many are not aware of it.

From what I understood, Jobs talked of circumstances that lead you to a place. The dots that you can connect months, years or sometimes even decades. He also talked of failure as a teacher, and the lessons it teaches.

Now all of these were a good expressions of wisdom, because most of would have heard of it or have been told about while growing up. In some cases, you must have felt them to be true as well.

But the last one, the quote that he read at the age of 17, which impacted him for the next 33 years when he gave the speech and probably till his death 5 years later.

If you live each day as if it were your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.”


He questioned himself every morning, if he was going to do the things he would be doing if it were his last?

And facing yourself in the mirror when you answer. Because everything we do daily has an impact for the rest of our lives.

Living our life as a boon, living each moment as if it is the last will no doubt make us more happy if not more successful. Because then you are free of all the chains that bind your potential. The fears and thoughts that hinder your growth.

You are not only less self conscious (as you have few hours left to live) but you become an outgoing individual. You grab the chances, even the unseen opportunities that come your way.

You live the day to its fullest.

Carpe Diem becomes your mantra. Keeps you going through the ups and downs.

Just look at what Jobs managed to do all by himself. There are countless other people who have managed to become great personalities despite the troubles they had to live through.

And that my friend is how you can unlock your true potential. Wishing you all the very best all of your life’s endeavours.

Image source : Google