About that author- Virginia Woolf

A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction. 

Adeline Virginia Stephen, popularly known as Virginia woolf was born in 1882 in London, England. Her father was a famous literary figure and her mother was someone with artistic connections. Virginia grew up with 3 of her own siblings and 3 half siblings playing and bickering with them. 

In 1891, Virginia and her siblings started Hyde Park Gate News recounting the shenanigans of the Stephen family. Virginia ran this paper until 1895, when her mother died. 2 years later her half sister, Stella Duckworth died as  well. This was also the year when Virginia started keeping a diary. In 1904, her father passed away, after which the Stephen siblings moved away from their half siblings and started living on their own. They would host weekly gatherings. In 1906, her brother Thoby died of typhoid fever, which made Virginia lose her brother to a disease and then later she “lost” Vanessa when she got engaged. 

Virginia was secretly writing “Reminiscences” in which she describes the loss of her mother. This was published in 1908. She had seen a lot of death in her family and was almost always grieving for one of them.

In 1912, Virginia married Leanord Woolf and continued working on her first novel.

her novel the voyage out involves the protagonist going on a trip to south America and finds out about herself. A lot of characters in her novels are based on real life people, mostly her siblings. Her novel “the voyage out” was published in 1915 .

Virginia attempted to kill herself in 1913, because she felt unloved by her sister and her husband and was consumed with self doubt, feeling that she is not a good enough writer. Later in life, she never encountered such thoughts.

In 1917, the wool’s bought a printing press and the same year jointly published Two Stories.

Woolf was a very skilled and innovative writer of the 20th century.  Mrs Dalloway, one of her most famous novels published in 1925, revolves around a day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway. She goes around the city in the morning reminiscing about her youth and pondering over her choices.

In 1927 she published To the Lighthouse , about a family’s visit to Scotland.

Woolf experimented with a lot of genres in her lifetime and her writing is characterized by absolutely fine and also fluid narrative. Her writing style is quite modernist, meaning a style of writing which is characterized by “self conscious  breaks with traditional ways of writing”.

Woolf published a novel Between the Acts in 1941 and received good reviews but despite that she felt that this novel was not enough considering at that time England was at the brink of invasion. This rendered her depressed and unable to write. The thoughts she had encountered during her first suicide attempt all came back to her.

in march, 1941 she walked behind a monk’s house, filled her pockets with stones and drowned herself. Her novel Between the Acts was published posthumously later that same year.