Dear Estranged Best Friend

We were seven when we first met, and I still remember that day, bright sunny morning, clear blue sky and our school buses waiting across the road. You were not wearing your school uniform, being the birthday girl, you wore red dress what was then your favourite colour, along with a green hair band making you look like an apple. That day I went to school with the inquisitiveness of knowing this apple which walked beside me. And I came back to an invitation to your birthday party. That day I found my First Ever Best Friend. We sang my song on your piano and danced on your tunes. We shared cake for it was the last piece. We had cola drinking competition and you may not agree but I crushed you in it. We played Mario on your play station and I distinctively remember you not making out that I cheated because I still don’t know how to play it.

We grew up not only in the same neighbourhood but also in two houses at the same time. Our parents were happy for two only daughters found their sister. I remember how we were always up to some or the other mischief that yours and mine grandmothers would hate together. We could pull off each other’s dress better than our own’s and could party hard on shin-chan’s intro song. We were the cool kids who made friends with only selective people specially ones who could pull off sunglasses at night just like us. We spent hours making weird noises to the passer bys and hiding when they would reprimand. We gossiped around the whole neighbourhood only to find everything late news to us. We hated the sound that generator made every time when there was a cut and we would be star gazing. We took our business deals serious enough to save our pocket money to actually start it only to watch it die before even seeing the next day’s light.

We always had each other’s name on the letter to my best friend only because we also always had each other’s back. I still have your back. I could still dance on your tunes and could still sing our song. I have stopped playing Mario but I am confident enough to lose again. I am ready to share the last piece of cake and drink fountains of cola. Though I do not live at the same place but I could still gossip around there with you. We can cross the road together with the promise of watching the new movie, first day second last show on our very own television. I am still bad at maths and you must too suck at history so we could still make it easier for each other. I hate partying now but always ready for our cool kids party on your terrace, obviously with glasses on.

I gaze at the stars to find your perfect pair, one shiner than the other, in the hope that you would be grazing at them too. I have learnt your tune on my guitar to make sure that I play it better than you the next time we meet. Every time I eat an apple I call it by your name to remember how pissed you would get. I still get goose bumps every time I watch our most watched movie. I play your videos dancing to feel the happier times. Every time when my phone rings at eleven in night I hope it to be you because that’s what you promised right? I post three letters daily with the desire of you actually replying back with exactly three letters. I have your home address the old home address, our home and I decide every day to visit it, to bring back those good old days but I fail every day. I fail because I know I miss you and that you are not coming back anytime soon. I pray at the temple near our home to have the apple of my eye hold my hand and say, you are the best. I wish to come home every day to another invitation to a birthday party from my Estranged Best Friend.