The pulwama attack

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On the 14 feb 2019, a convoy of vehicles of CRPF personnel on jammu shrinagar national highway was attacked by a vehicle-brone sucide bomber at Lethpora near Awantipora in pulwama district ,jammu and Kashmir the attack resulted in the death of 40 CRPF personnel and attacker. The responsibility of the attack was claimed by the Pakistan based militant group jaish-e-mohammed .

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The after effects:
After the huge attack by the militants the Indian government has to take the strict step of air strike by the INDIAN AIR FORCE which was made on the midnight 26 feb 2019 with help of 12 mirage 2000h of the Indian airforce inside the Pakistan in Balakot where the training camp of jaish-e-mhommed was located.

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According to news its said that around 300 terrorist were killed in the strike. The strike longed for 21 mins only. Which made Pakistan to retaliate and soon on the 27 feb the four F-16 aircrafts of Pakistan targeted the Indian army northern command in Kashmir but the Indian airforce quickly responded and aerial engagement between mig21 of IAF and F-16 of PAF resulted the shot down of F-16 of PAF ,but unfortunately the mig 21 of wing commander Abhinandan was hit and resulted his ejection in pakistian.

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ARREST of wing commander Abhinandan-
After the news of wing commander missing in action soon Pakistan claimed the arrest of wing commander Abhinandan which was proven but the ill behavior and violation of GENVA convection by Pakistan on wing commander Abhinandan was not acceptable and bearable according to international law for POWs hence under the name of peace Pakistan returned India its wing commander Abhinandan within 24 hours.

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Key points:
The Indian air-force crossed the Pakistan’s airspace for the first time after 1971.
The world record is setup by the wing commander Abhinandan and IAF for shooting down 4th generation fighter aircraft F-16 of PAF by 2nd generation Mig 21 of Indian airforce.
It is said that the chief of jaish-e-mhommaed has been injured in the airstrike and died later in the hospital and also his brother in law is killed in same airstrike.

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