Childhood Shows

Childhood is the most memorable time in any person’s life and among all other things the television shows had to be the best part of the evenings in those days. All the different characters, with so simple yet entertaining story lines let us enjoy our little make believe world so much so that we would wait for school to get over and be home and watch those shows. With development and advancement in technology and easier accessibility to the shows any time, any where the butterflies that waiting for those shows would give the children in those days do not easily come to children these days. These shows were sometimes superficial and most of the time fiction still made our childhood better and more fun. Here are some the most loved and remembered shows of those times:


If you are true magic fan you definitely loved SHARARAT. This was a show with three generations engaging in magic and living their lives as PARIS. With Jia being the main protagonist who would always mess up her magic spells and get herself and people around her in trouble and her NANI coming to her rescue, always cleaning her mess and thereby giving a life lesson with the beauty of magic had to give us the most funny moments of all the times.


Do you think you have the craziest family? Wait till you meet a family that has apples as their phones and has smoke coming out of their ears now and then and belong to a planet named ZOLTAR, now this is what you call actual crazy. This show revolves around the MALHOTRAS who happen to be aliens looking like humans surviving on Earth while trying to keep their secret safe come what may. The show aired in 2007 and though might not have been as famous as others but was one of kind, first among the science fiction in the children dramas.


If you follow Shaheer Sheikh you definitely know him from the days of this show. This had five main characters, all enjoying their college lives while being the coolest group in the college. There is no denying that this show raised our hopes for the perfect college life while we end up attending our farewells crawled up in blankets. The show made us fall in love with Shaheer way before we even knew the meaning of love. With actor like Shweta Tripathi reaching all the heights today still remains the cute Zeeniya who solved everyday problems of her friend Ritu telling us what true friendships are for us.


Though very few know or talk about this show now, but this was one of the first dance programmes that lit the fire of being a dancer on growing up in every child that saw it. The show is about two teenage boys who love dancing and even excel in it so much so that become a part of a dance reality show along with the troubles that they encounter and try and solve them all by themselves. It might not have been huge hit but still has to be a hidden gem.

All these shows were the coolest thing back in early 2000s and they gave us major streaming goals. we can only thank the makers of the shows for making our childhood more fun and giving us memories of a lifetime. We owe it to these shows.