Young Minds – Big Revolutions

It is rightly said, there is no age bar to make a difference in the world. It just needs an ignition and the willingness to do something different, for the betterment of the society. One might feel, it is a daunting task to initiate alone and make amendments, but a single person with grit and determination is sufficient enough to make the world a a better place. Mother Teresa states, “I cannot alone change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” There are many such youth personalities, who came forward to make a difference.

Malala Yousafzai

Female education activist and Nobel Peace Prize awardee, Malala Yousafzai was born in a family where education to girl child was encouraged. Gaining inspiration from her father’s humanitarian work, she decided to get into female education activism. The terrorist group, Tehrik-i-Taliban, was agitated by the her attempts to encourage education for the women. Malala, along with two other girls were shot by gunmen from the same terrorist organization to retaliate against her activism. Even after facing such a violent attack at a tender age of just 15, she did not halt her deeds. She started a fund raising organisation with her own name after recovery. She was then featured in the Times Magazine as one of the Most Influential People in the world and was asked to address the House of Commons at Canada.

Isra Hisri

Isra Hisri, the daughter of Ilhan Omar (U.S Congresswoman), is an American Environmental Activist. She began gaining awareness bout concepts related to the environment in her freshman year when she became a part of her High School’s Environmental Club. In the Club, she was the only girl who had a dark complexion, hence she would feel left out amongst the whites. She played her part in co-ordination of student led strikes related to environmental protection in spite of being neglected by many of her fellow mates. Hisri has made it her goal to use her advocacy in environmental and anti-racial matters since the age of 16. She co-founded and served the Youth Climate Strike and has been awarded the Brower Youth Award.

Nkosi Johnson

Nkosi Johnson, hailing from South Africa was born with HIV-AIDS. He was adopted by another woman, as his mother could no longer nurture him since she herself was suffering from the disease. He lost his mother when he had begun with his schooling years. His school did not permit him to secure admission and attend classes when they became aware of what he was suffering from. Nkosi addressed at the International Aids Conference, encouraging Aids patients to be outspoken about the disease and seek medical aid. Nkosi’s Haven, a refuge for HIV Positive mothers and children was founded by him with the help of his adoptive mother. He lost his life in the year 2001 due to brain damage complications. He was declared as the awardee of International Children’s Peace Prize. His refuge was donated with USD 1,00,000 by Kids Right Foundation. Author, Jim Wooten, wrote a book on Nkosi’s journey of life and named it as We Are All The Same.


There are several other youth personalities such as Greta Thunberg, Jaylen Arnold, Param Jaggi, Marley Dias and many more. The youth is not just the leaders of tomorrow but can be the leaders of today as well. Developing and nurturing social values is what the youth must try to contribute in today’s times. Young minds do have the energy and fresh ideas to bring about a change in society, therefore must strive for it.