Life is a book full of opportunities and a new chapter can begin at any point in life. One is never too young to get started with new things, also one is never too old to start again. Dreams have no age limit. With hunger for success and the determination to achieve it, one can begin with new ventures at any point in life. With the same thought and will power, there are many successful people who begun their new journey in a later point in life. These two iconic brand owners also did start their journey of success when they were middle-aged.


Harland David Sanders of Indiana, took up several jobs at an early age due to his father’s death, when he was six. He did numerous jobs, including, being a part of the army, working as a streetcar conductor, a rail road fireman and an insurance salesman. He failed numerous times and was fired on many of the jobs that he had taken up. He lost hopes on his career and retired at age sixty-five. He then started selling fried chicken cooked in his own recipe, door to door. He opened up a cafe, named Sander’s Cafe and marketed his dishes well. In 1952, Sanders franchised his secret recipe to Pete Harman, who operated one of the city’s largest restaurants. Upon gaining success with this venture, Sanders visited many other restaurants to franchise his fried chicken recipe. Soon, Kentucky’s Fried Chicken (KFC) gained enormous success. Sanders was overwhelmed with his chain of food outlets, spread around 600 different places. At the age of 73, Sanders sold his food chain brand for 2 million dollars. Today, KFC is one of the largest quick service food chains in the world, valued over 5.1 billion USD.


Raymond Albert Kroc was born in a family of Czech origin. Since a young age, he began trying his hands on business ventures such as opening a lemonade stand and working at a soda fountain place. He worked as a salesman for Lily Tulip and his work culture got him connected with Earl Prince, the inventor of a multi mixture milkshake machine. Ray resigned from Lily Tulip and started selling those multi mixture machines and paper cups across the country. Kroc came across a restaurant which was apparently owned by Dick and Mac McDonald. They sold burgers, french fries and shakes. Kroc had only visited this place to supply his multi mixture shakes machine, but was highly impressed with the working of their restaurant. He soon took up their franchise as an agent but did not have enough investment income to buy the entire corporation. Ray set up the McDonald Corporation in 1955. With the help of MC Corporation’s first President, he was able to make an outright purchase of the brand from McDonald Brothers at age 52. Under his ownership, he maintained strict ownership regarding his staff, packaging, size of portions, cooking methods and lay an emphasis on innovations. All this contributed to the grandeur of the brand. Even in the present times, McDonald’s Corporation is the world’s leading global food service retailer with a net worth of $180.91 B in 2021.

It is apparent that, failures are the stepping stone to success. One may fall seven times but getting up the eighth time is a real feat, which one must achieve. Also, there is no age bar to begin with your passion. One must happily complete the journey of life by following his/her dreams.

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