Hanumangarh is a city in the Indian territory of Rajasthan, arranged on the banks of the stream Ghaggar additionally recognized as Antiquated Sarasvati waterway, situated around 400 km from Delhi. It is the managerial seat of Hanumangarh Area. The city was once called Bhatner (then again spelled Bhatnair) on the grounds that it was established by lord Bhupat in 255 Advertisement. It stayed in the control of the Rajputs of Bhati group and confronted a notable attack by Timur in Late 14th century, during which the Bhatti Rajput lord Rao Dulachand lost the fortification for a short time. The stronghold was subsequently involved by Rao Jetsa of Bikaner.

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As per 2011 Indian Statistics, Hanumangarh had an all out populace of 150,958, of which 79,709 were guys and 71,249 were females. Populace inside the age gathering of 0 to 6 years was 18,094. The absolute number of literates in Hanumangarh was 102,149, which comprised 67.7% of the populace with male education of 73.6% and female proficiency of 61.1%. The compelling proficiency pace of 7+ populace of Hanumangarh was 76.9%, of which male education rate was 83.8% and female proficiency rate was 69.28%. The Booked Positions and Planned Clans populace was 25,486 and 2,463 separately. Hanumangarh had 30022 families in 2011.

Starting at 2001 India enumeration, Hanumangarh had a populace of 129,654. Guys comprise 69,583 of the populace and females 60,071. The sex proportion was 863 females to 1000 guys. Populace in the age scope of 0–6 years was 18,669. 83,923 individuals were literates in Hanumangarh which is 64.7% of the complete populace. The compelling education of individuals 7 years and over old enough was 75.6%.

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