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Today, as soon as the sun comes up the only hot topic that people could pick from the news sections that could give some respite to the evil, gossip loving person inside them is the update about humans living in the b-town. Right from the first cup of tea of the day, people want their dose of rumors, some true other false about the celebrities working in the movie industry of India specifically and others in general, to the last meal of the day, all these gossip sharing beings care about is the latest scandal that happened even a second ago. Indians have been so passionate about the tiniest of the details about every big or small event taking place in the lives of the actors specially working in the Hindi film industry that they sometimes even take offence when an actor is not that public about their personal lives. They become so indulged the lives of the bollywood stars that they hardly have any track of their own lives.

With the new paparazzi culture developing ever so fast in India, the curiosity of next move of these stars have risen to another level. With paparazzi capturing them in the local city just as they move, it has become easier for people to track them and go all gala over them. Each passing day the craze for the knowledge about the movie actors increase. Every new project of their favorite celebrity works like an energy drink for their gossip loving minds. A slightest of fire of affair of two celebrities is enough to burn the house of reality to ashes and believe the rumor. The information about whose dating whom, whose getting married to whom, who is having kids with whom, who is getting most approval on their auditions, whose been rejected most often, who is into drugs and who follows which god or religion, serves as the chilly-flakes on their freshly ordered pizza only to burn their tongues later.

This toxic behavior of following every detail in their beloved celebrity life which eventually turns into obsession is harmful for both the celebrity and the people obsessed with them. These followers become so involved into the lives of these big town stars that they are affected to the extreme levels when they learn the reality about one or other of these actors which is definitely different from what they had expected it to be. They literally worship these actors to the extent that they even become ready to give up their lives just so to have a selfie with them. With the deaths of some famous and really admired stars this year the deaths of their fans in their remembrance has lead to the shocking and unexpected toxicity that this following to the nook culture has developed. People need to back out from this over involvement, fascination, passion for the celebrity they follow so as to give them and themselves the space for breathing into the healthy culture of loving and admiring someone but not getting so engrossed that they turn into some maniac follower who knows no boundaries.

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