No Judgement Club

Being out of the box and not following being a part of the rat race is the new black.

Being trapped inside the box of “log kya kahenge” is something that we all have faced and we still do even if we deny it. With the parents and guardians being supportive and the youth being overtly conscious and aware of their rights, we, as a generation, as a club of the 2000’s, the “gen-z club” are trying to freely reign the things that we want to do ignoring any type of judgement and pushing away the people who pull us down.   

We are conquering the world of nonlinear growth pattern and not focusing on the aligned growth pattern which means that we do not focus on just the “conservative” idea of growth. We do not indulge into working like a robot but focus on a nonaligned growth pattern which means that we not only love to work but also focus on our mental health. We understand that we are not in a rat race and believe in living our lives in a comfortable manner.

Why is mental health important? 

There is a clear connection between mental health and academic
performance. Mental health is important for person’s growth just like
a person’s physical health. Imagine working with a broken arm, will
you be able to work? No. Then why should someone with anxiety
disorders, paranoia, depression, etc., are expected to work efficiently
when they can’t even process their mind the way they want to.

Social media and positivity 

Being a generation with extreme activeness on the social media, we have made social media a happy, comforting place for everyone. Social media positivity helps us bear things. With innumerable creators creating content that helps us ignore the negativity and LIVE. 

Log kya hi keh lenge! 

When we start, when we initiate, the paradigm shifts, the pattern starts changing. We have to hold hands and work together. We all can shift the attention from “log kya kahenge” to “log kya hi keh lenge” and then see how the world changes, how we conquer the art of living and being a generation that creates better adults.