All about self care: Therapy by yourself(bonus motivation!)

Self care, A topic most ignore amidst the hustle-bustle of their worlds is a vital part of your life, whether you know it or not. There are astonishingly few people in the globe that understand how vital it is, and ironically, the cruelly competitive GEN-Z, get it the most. Otherwise, the beings of other generations have daily routines that do not involve any time for themselves. Its all Work, Family, and more work, a worn drill. However busy your routine is, you need to provide justice to yourself and your mind. should you not, lest you’ll go mad. seriously. it is important to understand how much your body gives you, how much your body tries to not burn yourself in this society of lunacy. Your mind is the one of the most important organs of your body, it functions all the other organs including itself, WITHOUT A BREAK. you at least could steady it with some specific activities. For exactly that, I am here to guide you through the process of rejuvenating yourself.

So let’s get straight to the point, we all know that life is an endless cycle of goals and desires, but to calm our agile mind, we can do some simple activities for an hour or even a handful of minutes per day and we’ll get so much clarity in our spry intellect. Meditation, art, affirmations, dance, music, reading, journaling, talking to people, doodling, even scribbling can calm your mind. there are unfathomable options. You just need to find your thing, and live in it. Believe in it. But remember, it is something that cannot be forced. you will have to have full faith in yourself that it will work, it will make you better. Better in life, better in mind.

Dance is personally, the best for me. grooving to the beat, jiving to the music is just my thing. If you are anything like me, just do it. Feel your body make beauty, make art. tap to every beat, jump to every song, close your eyes and just dance. swing your leg, twirl your hip, create stars in the air, and just dance.

Art, is something I have seen as a therapy for most of the people I know, I am trying it too! And you know what, it works magically. Though I am still a newbie and have a lot to learn about it, I can say that whether my drawing is beautiful or miserable, no matter what the result it, the process through it calms me beyond words.

journaling is just writing your thoughts to your best friend, informally and honestly, without striving for the ‘appropriate’ or fancy words. Write just as if you’re talking to your most favorite person in the world, fantasy or reality. describe your thoughts without hesitation and insecurity. make a diary and start journaling every night before bed. Describe the perils and chronicles of your day, slander if you want to, just relieve your brain of all those flurry contemplations out of your head. let it breathe. deeply.

My personal and most common advice to you would be to just take a break. you do enough. believe that. you are enough. see who you are, set your limits and work upon yourself. this is your life, and only you can decide how to live it. no one else will do it for you, know that. No angel is going to come to make your life all unicorns and rainbows unless you believe that there is a future of hope and light. Until you live for it, Until you thrive for it. Just go on, take an hour out of your day just for yourself, do nothing. Absolutely nothing. sit idle, concentrate on that tired thing inside you. let it rest, after a good long sleep, wake it up, give it motivation, give it confidence, give it courage, and say, get up. get up, get up, get up. You can do this, you are confident, valiant and breathtakingly strong. GET UP. You are made to be you, to be unique. it’s okay to have breaks, it’s okay to rest, but do not give up. never give up. No matter how much you are shattered, how much of you are just tape and glue. own it. Hang in there. everything’s temporary. Just smile and do what you love. I assure you, it is going to be okay.

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