The Unknown

What is the unknown and why is one so afraid of it?

We humans are usually afraid of the dark, of what we cannot see and in the physical world tend to set boundaries and limitations. We often have second thoughts about things before we do or perform them, subconsciously making our mind think twice whether it would be a right decision or not. This is where most of us are often wrong because sometimes there are no right or wrong. They say ‘take a leap’ or ‘you never know until you try’ because life really is unpredictable. Some things that you thought would be difficult might not always be. But how would you know if you never give it a try?

If you ask an old aged man about his life he will probably tell you he doesn’t know how he get there but he sure is happy of all his experiences. To paint a bigger picture, Who are you? And what do you want in life? Can you be 100% sure of what your life would be in 10years? Can you guarantee that your love life will straight up perfect, a lovely family with beautiful little children?  

You need to understand and accept the fact that nobody is perfect in life. Or else you would have a miserable life, a lemon that you make yourself take.

One should never be too hard on himself and blame himself for the regretful things he have done. Nay, do away with what is called ‘regret’. Life is to go on and you gotta carry on living it. Don’t make it complicated for yourself

Teal Swan, a well  known mental and spiritual counselor once said “You don’t feel the unknown”. Its true, one cannot touch or know the feeling of what is not known. Its human nature that some days we don’t feel confident. Some days we isolate ourselves because we think nobody understands us and some days we become aggressive to everything that we came into contact with. And I understand some days we feel that all the ones around us don’t care about our feelings. But “The unknown is unknown, its nothing” she says. One should not be afraid to take the first step and not be afraid if people are gonna take advantage of you or not. This is life, we need to learn how to bypass the pangs of life, hold no grudge for others.

If people can do it, why can’t you?

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