“If you follow the crowd, you will certainly be lost in it. If you think like everyone, how will you create your own identity”. Why many entrepreneurs get confined to just a street corner? And why only a few, move ahead to create massive business empires? There is only one difference between these two groups. “The difference is thinking!”. Thinking has the power, to transform a blank page into a new invention. Thinking has the power to transform a blank page into the night sky.So stop blaming your luck or destiny. Business is a race where winning companies are miles ahead. But still, there is a strategy that can defeat these masters of business. This strategy is taught at Stanford, Harvard, IIM’s. If you can master this strategy, success will certainly follow you. Business is not just a ladder of success, it is also a bed of thorns. No new restaurant can beat McDonald’s 65 years of experience. No new IT company can compete with the 52 year old TCS. There is only one chance for these new companies to succeed. Instead of competing, the new company can make the competition irrelevant. Do something that you will change the rules of business. In the mobile network industry, there is a long queue of salesman to get every new customer. In the same industry, Jio adopted the strategy of Business Model Transformation. Jio changed the rules of the mobile network industry. Where other mobile networks were focussed on phone calls. Jio came and made the whole story about Internet Data. By bringing transformational change in the industry, If you also want to create transformational change, don’t think what business you will do. Rather think, how can you transform the whole industry, iTunes transformed the music industry. Netflix brought changes in the television and film industry. As time changes every moment. Evry industry can also be changed, just changemakers are required. Transforming the industry can be very easy and the most difficult just find out the unfulfilled needs of the customers, and fulfill them. The need to get an instant taxi was fulfilled by Uber. The need to shop at home was fulfilled by Amazon. Similarly, in every product round you. There is a possibility of new business. Just open your eyes. Don’t participate in the competition. Create something new. Because on a crowded street, you will never reach far. Move ahead in the path, which no one has chosen. In the end, this new path will make you reach the pinnacle of success. Therefore, think different from the rest. People who think differently from the crowd Make History.

“Winners don’t cry and give in to the fate”.

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