Do you know, What is the easiest thing to do in the world? Think a bit. What is the easiest thing to do? It is to say these two words,”I Quit”. A few decades ago. There was a young man, who saw a big dream. He wanted to climb, the world’s highest mountain. The mighty Mount Everest. Everyone told him, it cannot be done. It was impossible to climb Mount Everest. No human has never done it before. However, the young man was determined. His name was Edmund Hillary. And on 29 May 1953.. he achieved his dream. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first humans to reach the top of Mount Everest.People across the world, lauded their triumph. They both accomplished what was the earlier called as ‘impossible’. But what happened a few days later puzzled the newspapers. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay had taken 7 weeks to climb Mount Everest. But can you guess. How many weeks they took to climb down from the to pand return back to the base? They took… 6 weeks? 5 weeks? Or 3 weeks?”NO”. They took only 3 days to return to their base camp. A 7-week journey while climbing up. Was done in mere days, while they were coming down. Few journalists were shocked.How is this possible? How they came back in just 3 days? Edmund Hillary replied…The most important factor of him reaching the top and returning early, was not climbing. It was “MOTIVATION”. In his 7-week journey, here were days he felt scared. There were days, he doubted himself. He thought about, what others had told him before, How Everest was unconquerable. But, amidst all this internal turmoil. He did one simple thing. He kept himself motivated to keep on moving forward. Even with all self-doubts, and all the fears. He didn’t stop. And once they reached the top, all the fears and doubts, went away, As their mission was now complete. While coming down, the journey which took 7 weeks to climb up was reduced to only 3 days not only because now they were climbing down,But also because, now they were climbing down without the burden of fears and doubts. They were climbing down without the burden of failure. In our lives, we also carry the burden of fear and self-doubt. That burden makes it harder… to continue.

That burden makes us want to say..”I Quit”.

But let me tell you one important fact from my own life experience. We often quit by justifying to ourselves, that there were obstacles, there were the problems and I had to quit. But the fact is, No obstacle has the power to stop you. No problem has the strength, to make you stop. Before leaving just remember , this simple life lesson.It is very easy to Quit anything. But real courage is when even after facing all the challenges you stand tall. Real courage is when even after facing failures again and again, you keep on trying harder. Real courage is  when you DON’T STOP moving ahead. That’s real courage. So please.. DON’T STOP.

“Only you can stop yourself. If you continue, you might fail or succeed. But if you stop, turn back from your goal you will fail 100 %.”

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