Day: November 17, 2021


This 1981 novel Tar Baby by Toni Morrison explores the mythic image of Tar Baby to evoke the racial stereotyping. The novel brings together different oppositions like white and black, high and low culture, north and south etc. The title of the novel suggests the folk tale of Tar baby. […]

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Gaming addiction is a type of mental disorder leads to insomnia,stress, pressure.Gaming is not a waste of time limited time of playing games can reduce pressure. SIGN OF GAMING ADDICTION:- * Thinking about game for lot of time. * Feeling bad when you are not playing games. * Want to […]

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Is India Ready For Cashless Economy?

For India, right now, the victory of cashless economy is as far as the eyes see. India is becoming a large middle income country, too complex, and varied to be controlled centrally. The government will need to withdraw from occupying the commanding heights of the economy, confining itself to providing […]

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