Tiger is the national animal of india.It is declared in April 1973 Tiger is choosed as the national animal of india because of its elegance, strength, agility, and colossal power. Government was launched project to save tigers on April 1973.It was launched from the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.There was of declaring national animal whether it is lion or tiger.But in 1972, the Bengal tiger was adopted as the national animal in a meeting of the Indian Board for Wildlife. The main reason given was that the tiger was important worldwide and was distributed across 16 states of the country, while the Asiatic lion was found only in Gir in Gujarat.

The Bengal Tiger is a highly adaptable animal and lives in a wide range of different habitats. These include forests, mangroves and wetlands. Tigers can cope with hot or cold temperature areas.Due to the size and power of the Bengal tiger, it has no natural predators in its native environment. Humans that hunt the Bengal tiger and habitat loss are the only threats to the Bengal tiger. It is now estimated that less than 2,000 Bengal Tigers are left in theareas.Tiger population in india is decreasing day by day Government has taken steps to save tigers.Hunting and human population growth are the main threats to Bengal Tigers. … Due to habitat destruction and fragmentation, as well as hunting, three of the nine sub-species of tiger that have existed in modern times are now extinct.

As per 2016 census India has 2500 Tiger it is not a big number.Karnataka in india has highest number of tiger which has 408 in number followed by 340 tigers in Uttarakhand and 304 in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

We have to take responsibility and want to save tiger.Now it is in endangered species if we do not take steps it will be extinct.

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