Six Reasons Why You Should Start Using A To-Do List

We live in a world full of distractions. With beeps and pop-ups ruling  most parts of your day and dozens of thoughts floating in your head, staying focussed is a herculean task. Amidst all the chaos, one thing that can help you stay sane is the good old productivity tool – To-Do List.

Having said that, you should also know that it is a double edged sword. This age-old technique has a reputation of hurting productivity. The key however is in knowing how to use it effectively

With a lot of speculation and confusion doing the rounds about this tool, it’s natural that you may end up being double minded about whether or not to use it. Listed below are 6 points which can aid you in your decision making process.

Frees up a hell lot of space in your brain

Whether it’s the list of items you need to buy, the ideas that popped up while you were doing laundry or the schedule of the meetings you need to attend, cramming your brain with a hundred thoughts is definitely not something it would appreciate. By doing so, you are not only overwhelming the brain but also using up the energy and space that could otherwise have been used for more productive stuff. So please do yourself and your brain a favour – get it all out of your head, put it on a list and thank me later !

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Throws the ‘Oops ! I Forgot’ excuse out of the window

As much as we all would like to remember every single detail about everything, let’s face it, not many of us have that extraordinary memory power. So if you don’t have it written down somewhere, it’s only natural that you may forget some of the things that you really wanted to remember. To-Do lists are visual reminders of all the tasks that you wanted the brain to remember and when you have it right in front of you, it’s impossible to miss any.

Helps you to organise and prioritise the tasks

Prioritising the tasks and focusing on the most important ones can be challenging when you have a lot going inside your head. Without that clarity, instead of sending out that important email to your client, you may end up decluttering your closet. When you have all the tasks listed out right in front of you, it becomes much easier to analyse and sort out what needs to be done right away and what can wait.

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Acts as a roadmap to your long term goals

Suppose you are travelling from Chennai to Kolkata.You know your starting point and also your destination. But without knowing how to proceed and which route to take do you think you’ll ever reach Kolkata ? In the same way your long term goals are the end results that you want to achieve and the tasks act as your milestones which give you an idea about the route that you need to take in order to reach your end goal. By breaking down the long term goals into tiny actionable steps and putting them on your list, you get a clear idea on the course of action you are supposed to take.

Helps calm your monkey mind

There may be times when your mind suddenly decides to remind you about the gift that you need to order for your friend’s birthday while you are trying hard to focus and complete the article due for the day. It now becomes the responsibility of the brain to remember this and in an attempt to do so it loses focus on the task at hand. Putting this newly popped up task on your list takes the weight off the brain and gives your restless mind an assurance that it will eventually be taken care of.

Checking off an item on your list gives you that daily dose of dopamine

When you finish a task and check it off your list, your brain feels a certain sense of success. And as a reaction to it, it releases a small amount of dopamine which in turn makes you feel happy and good about yourself. Crossing out an item from your list is something that can instantly make you feel good and motivates you to take action on the remaining tasks.

Bottom Line

Your To-Do List should be something that motivates you to get up each day and work hard to crush those goals that you have set for yourself.It is supposed to elevate your overall happiness and not pull you down. Instead, if you find your list giving you nightmares or panic attacks, chances are that you might not be using it the right way. Figure out strategies on how to effectively make and use a To-Do List and try incorporating them in your process and I’m sure with the right strategies and complete dedication to the process you will definitely see the results. Good luck !

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