Throne of Glass Novellas: The assassin’s blade

The first book in the 8-booked series of Throne of glass novellas, it is epic. Way beyond epic. It tells us a story of a mere 16-year old, yeah! you probably are thinking, “what a bore”. NOT. This 16- year old, believe it or not, is WAAYYY cooler than us, she’s an assassin. Well, you ask me what’s new? for there are one or two assassins in every fantasy book, I’ll tell ya what’s new, that girl is nothing like it. She is kind, generous, lovable, likable, and most of all gorgeous. Do you remember that 1 girl in school who had it all? good looks, good personality, good brains? yeah, she’s that. And much much more. She is a bibliophile, which shows the ability of Sarah to relate with all her readers as she knows we are massive bibliophiles if we chose to read such a long string of novels as entertainment.

It all starts, with Celeana Sardothien, That 16-year old have-it-all I told you about. Well, it seems she is NOT the have it all right now, for she trying to solve every problem happening in the Assasin’s guild, starting with beating Sam Cortland. Then the news of ben, and then the scene in skull’s bay. that’s where the actual story begins.

A LOT happens in this fairly thin book, but I am not giving you any spoilers, you have to read it yourself. Give it time, and it will be your paradise. Published in 2014, 2 years after the publish of Throne of Glass, the first book which gave its name to the series, It is phenomenal. You can’t get enough of it. ever.

The story is not of this world, not even of the FANTASY world. It is something you’ve never read before. Something you’re not familiar with, and still, somehow, you find a home in it.

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