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Arshdeep Kaur

Teacher’s Day

Teachers are one of the most important pillars of society; they spend their entire lives enabling students to learn and explore. A teacher is a friend and a philosopher who […]

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Same Sex Marriages

Sex is a biological term that differentiates between two biologically different human beings; the Male and the Female. When we talk about same sex marriages, we are intending to a […]

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Broken Family

Family is the basic component of the society. The number one ingredient for the youth’s happy life is their family. The parents are the most important source of their behaviour; […]

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Dalit Literature

Dalit Literature is the literature of the Dalits, by the Dalits and for the Dalits. Dalit Literature is the literary form, in which Dalits wrote about their lives for spreading […]

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Marital Rape

Marital Rape doesn’t become Rape… they say. And Why would it be? Since he had POSTED a LOGO of his SURNAME on her BODY!!! Marital rape is the act of […]

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