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Dharshni A


Have you ever put off your homework till the last minute? Or perhaps studied for the test only a day before? Maybe delayed writing an essay till the last possible […]

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Kargil war

Kargil war was a very difficult time that our country went through. Furthermore, it was a crisis situation that ensued a feeling of nationalism, patriotism, and unity among every Indian. This […]

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Isaipuyal A.R RAHMAN

“you can’t be without passion .passion means that possessiveness to be the best” A.R. Rahman, in full Allah Rakha Rahman, original name A.S. Dileep Kumar, (born January 6, 1966, Madras [now Chennai], India), Indian […]

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Importance of newspaper

Newspaper is quite a powerful tool that circulates information to people. It is one of the greatest means of communication between people and the world. In addition, they are also […]

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Indian constitution

The constitution of India came into force from 26 January. A special committee is gathered to draw and outline the constitution. The constitution gives all the details related to what […]

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“investments in a agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people” India is an agricultural country. About seventy percent […]

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