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Suhaani Jain

I am a passionate dancer and an aspiring professional writer. I am a freshman in high school in Delhi NCR and I write, read and dance in my free time, which is basically all the time.

A man called Ove: Review

A book beyond the principles of judgment and society, barring the barriers of age, this masterpiece will remold your soul towards the kvetches in your life. A man called Ove, Created and written miraculously by Fredrick Backman, is a thin but infinitely everlasting book that will always stay with you […]

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About the author: L.M. Montgomery

the creator of thoughtful grins on little souls, the molder of a legend, the light of an eye-blinding ray of literature, Lucy Maud Montgomery, or better known as L.M Montgomery is one of THE most phenomenal and unparalleled authors I have ever known. the beauty of her writing is miraculous, […]

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Gilmore Girls: A Legacy of its own.

A show which inspired, optimized and enthralled its audience, Gilmore Girls is the quintessence of a dreamy, thrilling, and congenial TV show. Beginning its way back from the first year of the 21st century, it is a beautiful story of a quirky mother Lorelai and her goofy daughter also Lorelai […]

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Rhetoric: the art of persuasion

Rhetoric, a term often used in the English language referring to cynicism or a way of not believing in something. But the people who use this word with this meaning do not know the real definition of this word. the word actually means ‘word’ itself. Rhetoric is the opposite of […]

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Dancing to breathe

Dance is freedom for me. Since as long as I could remember, I have been dancing, whether it’s Hip-hop, contemporary, Kathak, folk, or even freestyle, dance has always been a part of my daily routine. I can’t imagine my life without dance, it’s vibrations, it’s amnesty, it’s beauty and the […]

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About that Author and her books: Sarah J. Maas

The queen of YA fantasy world, author of numerous books, including the throne of glass novellas, the renowned A Court Of Thorns And Roses series(ACOTAR), Crescent City, etc. all of which are ACTUALLY New York Times bestsellers, this 35 year-old author from New York, has created works that are read […]

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