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shivani bisht


As a student it is important to have a balanced lifestyle, for the better physical and mental well being. It’s important to find things that your enjoy and it’s possible […]

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Importance of HOBBIES in a student’s life

Whenever we introduce ourselves we always mention our hobbies or in an interview the question of hobbies is a frequently asked one. But what really are these hobbies and what is their importance in our lives? A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away. Phyllis mcGinley Hobbies are activities that […]

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Have you ever seen a baby butterfly? Me neither because they don’t exist🤭. Butterfly is the adult form of caterpillar. But who gave butterflies the right to be this beautiful🥺, […]

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We spend one third of our life dreaming. Sometimes dreams are happy, scary, unexplainable and even an indication of what is going to happen in future. There is a popular […]

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