How fossils form?

Fossils are a window on a lost world. They are our only evidence of spectacular creatures that lived long ago, and of the process of evolution that created them. A fossil is something that preserves the form or traces of a living thing that died many millions of years ago. […]

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Music 🎶

Hello readers. Today I thought I would write about the most wonderful creation ever, MUSIC. It’s an important part of our life. Knowingly or unknowingly you get yourself attracted to music. It’s just a medium of letting you meet yourself. They say the playlist or the songs you listen to […]

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Most of us will fall somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. That’s a good thing, especially as our society has become more and more obsessed with dividing us out into “types.”To find out where you sit on that continuum, Sherman recommends taking the SAPA Project’s personality test, which will tell you whether you’re high or low on extroversion. Being aware of your personality can definitely prove beneficial, more information is available in the cyberspace, where you need to answer a few questions.  “It provides some sense of consistency, predictability, and reliability of our expression of ourselves across time,”

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