Reasearch says, about 7 lac people die of suicide annually, with approximately 132 suicides daily. An alarming rate, isn’t it? At times, we as humans may fail to understand what another individual might be facing. For every death by suicide, there are many more people who attempt it. Globally, ingestion […]

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Top 3 Hindu-Muslim Unity Advertisements

Advertisements have the potential to change human thoughts, behaviour and actions. They can do a lot more than just promoting brands. Through visual and auditory modes, advertisements have the competency to bring about a societal change and provoke a positive impact on people. Readers can have a glance at such […]

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International news flow after the end of colonialism

The mass media are seen today as playing a key role in enhancing globalization, facilitating culture exchange and multiple flows of information and image between countries through international news broadcasts, television programming, new technologies, film and music. If before the 1990’s mainstream media systems in most countries of the world […]

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Communal Harmony

By – Supriya The recent genocide of Gujarat , the anti- sikh campaigns during the mid -80s , the Mumbai Riots, the Ayodhya episode, the evaluation of Kashmiri Pandits, the attacks on the pilgrims on their way to pilgrimage are all blots on the secular fabric of the country. The […]

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