Introduction:- Data scientists combine mathematics, statistics and the use of computer science to extract,analyze data from thousands of data sources in order to build creative and innovative business solutions.Data Scientist’s job involves solving the problems of his or her client by providing solutions using real time data and tools and […]

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Covid Cases on the rise in post-Diwali week

NEW DELHI: The end of the Diwali week marked a steady increase in new Covid-19 infections. India recorded 80,614 new cases of the coronavirus this week. With 10,789 new cases in the last 24 hours. While cases in the southern states, namely Kerela and Tamil Nadu continue to gradually drop, […]

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The problem of poverty in India

In India, poverty is presently estimated by fixing a poverty line based on a differentiated calorie-norm. This means that the level of poverty depends upon the capacity of a person to purchase food and a person who can buy specific amount of food to cross the poverty line margin for […]

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Gaming addiction is a type of mental disorder leads to insomnia,stress, pressure.Gaming is not a waste of time limited time of playing games can reduce pressure. SIGN OF GAMING ADDICTION:- * Thinking about game for lot of time. * Feeling bad when you are not playing games. * Want to […]

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WHAT IS ONLINE EDUCATION:- A classroom is method of using cell phones and computers to make teacher and student in connection.This method of education is popularized during the corona. ONLINE EDUCATION IS EFFECTIVE:- In my perception online education is not that much effective when compare to the offline classes.Because we […]

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INTRODUCTION The Ganges is the largest river in India with a profound religious significance. It is known by several names, including Jahnavi, Gange, Shubhra, Sapteshwari, Nikita, Bhagirathi, Alaknanda, and Vishnupadi. Nothing can match the ever-lasting divinity of the holy River Ganga; the sacred river is a true mother by all […]

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