The Dinosaurs

For 165 million years, life on earth was dominated by the most spectacular animals that have ever existed – the dinosaurs. The Mesozoic Era was a high point in the history of life, because it was the age of dinosaurs. This fantastic creatures included the biggest, heaviest, and the most […]

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The First Humans

The earliest human-like animals,our ancestors, evolved from apes millions of years of ago.Many different species rose up and died out before modern humans appeared. Around 5-8 million years ago (MYA), the line that would lead to modern humans split off from chimpanzees – the living animals most similar to us […]

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How Life Began ?

Billions of years ago, a chance combination of chemicals somewhere on Earth’s surface created a substance that could soak up energy and reproduce itself – the first living organism. This was the beginning of the amazing story of Earth. Signs of Life Planet earth was formed from a cloud of […]

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