Popular games that originated in ancient India

India has been the land of many globally renowned inventions such as Yoga, Ayurveda,etc. The country’s inventions are not just limited to arts, crafts, cuisines and science and culture but sports too. You will be surprised to know many of the modern games which are flourishing in other nations had […]

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12 Free Coding Games to Learn Programming for Beginners

A lot of beginners can become intimidated when they’re learning how to code. But learning through coding games can be fun and educational. According to True Education Partnerships, Gamification in learning involves using game-based elements such as point scoring, peer competition, team work, and score tables to drive engagement, help students assimilate […]

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Today’s Olympic or Olympic Games host international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions where thousands of athletes from around the world take part in various competitions. The Olympic […]

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