Affordable places to visit in india

India the land of culture, heritage, devotion and beauty. There are many beautiful places to visit in India and we cannot talk about all places in this article. So, here are 4 affordable places to visit. If you are travel lover then this is great for you all. 1) Goa […]

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Places to travel before you die

Many of us love traveling and it’s also engaging. While traveling we explore many things, we get to know about the place, the culture of the people there, the tourists attaraction and what not. We get to know different places. Many of us are keen learner so they also travel […]

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Death note: is it worth watching anime

Death note a psychological thriller, mystery and supernatural thriller anime, many of us have listen or even watched this anime, but the question arises is it worth watching, so the answer is: A big Yes!!! The writter of this oruginal manga is Tsugumi ohba, whereas it is directed by Tetsuri […]

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