BY DAKSHITA NAITHANI The Afghan women, maybe more than anybody else, have dreaded the Taliban’s return. There have been many advances in women’s rights over the last 20 years, which appear to be set to erase nearly overnight. A quick lesson from history… The Taliban, a political and military force, is said […]

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Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis for Social Media giants

The Taliban’s fast takeover of Afghanistan postures a unused challenge for huge US tech companies on dealing with substance made by a bunch considered to be fear mongers by a few world governments. Social media monster Facebook affirmed on Monday that it assigns the Taliban a fear based oppressor bunch […]

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A Pipe Dream: Decline of Humanity

A pipe dream is something for which we are hopeful for but it seems fancy enough to be the reality of the present.  Does this indicate any incident which is happening right now but all we can do is hope for Pipe Dream to happen? If you haven’t guessed yet […]

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